Stake NFTs for Yield


  • Play to earn Game on Near protocol published for desktop and mobile
    Near NFT ownership for high revenue and stNEAR passive income
    Founders staves dropped on Ethereum

    Sept 2021
  • Artworks staking on Near blockchain starts, Passive income for our investors

    Oct 2021
  • NFT marketplace Launch with liquid staking capabilities

    Nov 2021
  • TCG Launch on ethereum/Aurora

    Jan 2022

The $META DAO project and why we choose them

The Varda game will use a particular wallet called Narwallet to be able to provide all the features of the Tokenized stake pool into the Varda game. Using this Social token players will contribute to the Liquidity pool while playing and so earn a passive income up to 7 times higher than the usual staking income. The art market will ensure selected content creators will get recognition from their art and players will be able to trade for playing.
We are committed to port our NFTs to the ethereum blockchain in an operational way, so that they can be exchanged and used as community assets over there too.

New paradigm for NFT culture and investments thanks to PoS staking

We are always passionate on new idea generation and development

NFT Validators

We want to create a pool of validators interested in growing a sustainable NFT culture, we seek meaninful contributors that work with the Meta-pool social token, interact with their DAO and grow use cases of the decentralised NEAR ecosystem.

NFT Rewards

Buying a founders stave during the Paras Drop in July will enable for you the ability to stake your NFT on the stNEAR liquidity pool, earn playing cards for the upcoming games and interact as a premium member in both, our norse culture/art community and the Meta-pool DAO.


Accessibility in on of our founding values, we'll release a simple HTML farming game for everyone to be able to earn Near, contribute to our liquidity pools and play with our game when it will be published in the NEAR blockchain.

Founders staves

Buy a Founder’s Stave to become a VARDA Supporter Holders of Founder’s Staves help fund the development of VARDA


Varda is a project of cultural reappropriation by using NFT art and gamification. We use the staking mechanics of the PoS NEAR blockchain.

Unlockable content for the NEAR ecosystem

Varda aims to help and improve the use cases of the whole NEAR NFT ecosystem by enabling unlockable content on the PAras and Mintbase marketplaces

  • Login into the Vault
  • Check all your NEAR NFTs
  • click on Unlock content to get the exclusive content
  • If you are a creator wishing to unlock content into your NFTs find the instructions [here]

have you just bought an unlockable NFT on NEAR?