Stake NFTs for Yield


  • Varda Vault Unlockable content service Launch for Mintbase and Paras NFT Art

    March 2022
  • Gaming Api for ownership check on Near NFT ecosystem published on Filecoin immutable onchain storage

    April 2022
  • NFT marketplace Launch with liquid staking capabilities

    May 2022
  • Play to Earn Game Launch on Android and IOS

    June 2022

MetaPool for NFT staking

We choose the Metapool platform to stake NFTs from the NEAR PoS blockchain, in the Varda Vault you can burn your NFTs in exchange for liquid staking tokens on NEAR, using the scarcity tool called "Stove"

New paradigm for NFT culture and investments thanks to PoS staking

We are always passionate on new idea generation and development

Gaming API

In collaboration with Humanguild DAO we have developed a gaming api for web2 devs to be able to include their Mintbase and Paras NFTs into their games without deploying a complete smart contract, just a basic login with the near wallet.

The stove

In the Varda Vault you can access the Scarcity tools where scarcity is granted for all NFTs in the ecosystem thanks to the burning tool, offering 0.5 stNEAr for burning any NFTs, a swapping mechanic will be setup for selected collections.


Accessibility is one of our founding values, we'll release a simple HTML farming game for everyone to be able to earn stNEAR, contribute to the METAPOOL liquidity pools and play with our game when it will be published in the NEAR blockchain.

Founders staves

Buy a Founder’s Stave to become a VARDA Supporter Holders of Founder’s Staves help fund the development of VARDA


Varda is a project of cultural reappropriation by using NFT art and gamification. We use the staking mechanics of the PoS NEAR blockchain.

Unlockable content for the NEAR ecosystem

Varda aims to help and improve the use cases of the whole NEAR NFT ecosystem by enabling unlockable content on the Paras and Mintbase marketplaces

  • Login into the Vault
  • Check all your NEAR NFTs for unlockable content
  • Access the Gaming API to heck ownership in your NEAR game [here]
  • If you are a creator wishing to unlock content into your NFTs find the instructions [here]

have you just bought an NFT with unlockable on NEAR?